For years Andy had been told he had a good voice for voiceover.  A global Covid pandemic has allowed him the time and space to focus on that.  During the past 12 months Andy has set up a home studio space and gained valuable knowledge and experience in recording and editing.

In November he landed his first voice artist job, an audiobook, recording at a studio in Oxford.  The role required 7 different accents, including 4 learnt from scratch in just 3 weeks!

‘Family’ by Scottish writer Owen Mullen and narrated by Andy was released on Audible and Spotify in January 2021. 

Andy has an SE USB2200A Microphone, pop shield, new HP laptop and Sony MDR-7506 cans.  Editing on Audacity.  He has a fully treated attic space checked by a professional sound engineer and can take remote direction.


Andy can switch from a native London accent to more of a neutral RP when required, as well as being proficient in Standard American and a Southern States US accent.  He has a good ear for other international as well as regional UK accents, having recently learnt and worked in Geordie, Glaswegian, Belfast, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Liverpool accents.

Have a listen to the reels!

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Andy has a strong & friendly character voice, with a natural London accent and is able to switch easily between warmer tones and playing the darker, sinister and more rugged characters.

Gaming ReelAndy Watkins
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Audiobook ReelAndy Watkins
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Narrative ReelAndy Watkins
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“​​​​Listening to someone else's interpretation of the book you poured every part of yourself into creating can be nerve wracking. How delighted I was when Andy Watkins brought my characters to life in almost the identical voices that had been playing in my head. He totally grasped the nuances and played them perfectly." ​

—  Owen Mullen. Author of 'Family'